GISOD Studio Policies

Registration is confirmed once GISOD Studio has received signed registration forms, registration fees, and full payment for all September classes. For those of you who have registered on line or have done early registration, you will also need to fill out the waver with these policies attached. The forms will be handed out the first week of regular classes, and must be handed in by the end of September, or your child will not be allowed to continue with class.
Registration Fees – All students/ non refundable
Single Dancer – $25.00
Family – $50.00
Registration fees are paid annually and are valid until May 31st of every dance season.

Price LIst
Recreational Tuition Payments
Monthly Fees
Recreational Costume Deposits

30-45min classes= Starting @ $45.00per month
60min classes=  Starting @ $65.00per month
75min classes=  Starting @ $90.00per month

1-2 classes- no discount
3-4 classes- 10% discount
5-6 classes-  15% discount
7 classes- 20% discount
8 classes- 25% discount
9 classes-   30% discount
10 or more classes- 35% discount

Tuition may be paid on line with a credit card or in person with cash or check. Your registration will be processed once all payments have been received for September and registration fee. A $26.25 fee will be charged for all NSF cheques. If you have more than two NSF cheques, remaining class fees must be paid in full by credit card, money order or certified cheque. NSF fees must be cleared immediately otherwise the dancer may not continue in their class(es). Note- we will NO LONGER be accepting e-transfers (this will begin on September 1st.).
You may also register in person during our office hours or by phone, and online registration is ongoing
The following payments are taken at the time of registration:
– September class fees and Registration fees – due at the time of registration

Cheques can be written for the 1st of each month, or you can pay in person with cash and online with credit. No refunds will be made after the 1st of each month without a written doctors note.

Interest Fees on Late Payments
If you are behind on any deadlines for fees you will be charged a $2 interest fee for each day that you are late. All monthly class fees are due on the first of each month without exception.

If you are behind more than three months for any fees, you file will be sent to collections, and your child will not be able to attend class.

It is our policy that we do not refund for any payments, including costume and competition fees, but we will credit you for future classes

Costume deposits are due on December 1st=. $50 per costume. Once paid these fees are non-refundable. This deposit does not include fees for props or accessories.

If a dancer withdraws from a class after December 1st, not only is the costume fee non-refundable, dancers are subject to clear any remaining prop or accessory fees.

The final cost for all recreational costumes= $100, and that does not include props or accessories

Administrative Policies
Competitive Fees/Payments

The costumes we order are not custom fit, and we do not guarantee the fitting for each dancer. We will send out a sizing chart and the size we will order for your confirmation prior to the order. If any alterations are needed GISOD will not take responsibility for that.

We hold three shows per year:
– Christmas Recital- Recreational dancers only
– Competitive Team Show- Competitive dancers only
– Year End Recital- Full studio

Ticket Prices=$25 per person (2 & under are free)

– Registration fees are non refundable.
– Costume deposits are non refundable
– Competition fees are non refundable
– There will be no refunds for missed classes.
– Any outstanding invoices will result in a student not being able to participate in class.
– We do not refund or guarantee make-up classes for snow days
– We withhold the right to ask anyone to leave the studio for behaviour that is not acceptable, violent, or unruly
– If you are asked to leave the studio for the above reasons, you will not be given a refund

Tuition payments are made in the same manor as the recreational families with the following additions:

– You will be expected to pay a competitive deposit on the following dates for each child that competes:
June 1st- $333.33
July 1st- $333.33
August 1st-$333.33

-These payments will be put towards your competition fees and your costume fees, and are non-refundable

-The balance of all competition and costume fees will be due on December 1st, and again are non-refundable

Dance Class Change/Withdrawal Policy
General Studio Rules

Any adjustments made to a student’s schedule must be approved by administration and is subject to class availability.  No changes can be made after Oct. 1st for the fall session, no changes can be made after Jan.15th for winter/spring session. Our cancellation policy is one months notice. The following month(s) will be returned. No refunds will be issued after January 1st, unless documented medical reason has been provided. If you paid for the year in full in advance with a discount you will not be eligible for any refund.

Any credits must be used within the same season for that same student/family.

GISOD has more expectations for competitive team dancers and families. Here are the most important which we are not flexible on:
– Be on time and prepared for all classes (if you are seriously ill, stay home)
– All black dance wear, appropriate shoes, and hair back is mandatory
– All dance shoes should be purchased through GISOD (no exceptions)
– Absences for other activities are highly frowned upon, and if it is done frequently you will be asked to leave the team
– Extra rehearsals may be necessary, GISOD will give you at least 2 weeks notice for these rehearsals and check for availability, but all dancers should make these their main priority over other events
– Competitive season is right in the middle of Easter and March Break. All competitive dancers must keep Sunday and Monday of Easter weekend open for rehearsal, and be available during March Break
– If there is a dancer or parent causing distress to any other dancer or parent on the team, you may be asked to leave
– Dressing rooms are an ATTITUDE FREE ZONE. Dancers must treat their parents and others with respect and positivity
– All fees must be made up front, there will be no credit for any fees associated with the competitive team
– We will have a competitive team meeting at the beginning of the season to lay out all the dates (although there may be additions) that you need to keep in mind. You should be at this meeting, and if you feel you cannot fulfill our expectations, then perhaps recreational dance is a better route for your family

– Attendance, Training & Technique is key.
– Respect for teachers, parents and peers will be expected always.
– Cliques or bullying will not be tolerated.
– This is your dance school. Please respect it as if it were your own home. Clean up after yourself and others by throwing all unwanted food and garbage in the many bins provided.
– Vandalism of any kind to the studio, posters, walls etc is grounds for dismissal.
– Theft of any kind at the dance studio will result in immediate dismissal.
– No swearing or foul language will be tolerated.
– The waiting areas are not to be used as a playground, for entertainment purposes or as an arena for critiquing the student and/or gossiping about others. Please be courteous and respectful.
– No food is allowed in any of the dance studios or change rooms or back hallways. Food is only permitted in the students lounge by the kitchen area. Water bottles are allowed and encouraged.
– No gum anywhere in the dance studio at anytime.
– No cell phones in the dance studio at anytime. Common areas are allowed.
– Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your class to warm-up.
– Students arriving late must check in at the front desk, at which point they will be escorted into their class.  They will wait until the exercise is finished before entering the class. Please enter quickly and quietly so as not to disrupt the class.
– No outdoor shoes past the front lobby. Please store your shoes under the benches in the lobby. Do not leave them out for everyone to trip over. You are required to have clean, indoor shoes for Hip Hop.
– Students must be dressed in proper attire every class.
– Hair must be back and away from the face for all classes except hip hop.
– No running in the studio, hanging off the barres or touching the mirrors.
– Please remember that jewelery, ipods and any other valuables should be left at home. GISOD cannot be held responsible for them if they go missing. To avoid losses we recommend all belongings be labelled. Our lost & found box is located at the front entrance.

– Must adhere to all the above rules as well
– Should not be in the dance studio unless invited by the instructor
– Should not expect to speak with teachers in between classes. You need to make a meeting at an appropriate time
– The studio will have regular family meetings to discuss any issues or concerns from parents

Click here to access the GISOD Liability Release Form and Assumption of Risk form.

This must be printed, signed, and delivered to GISOD prior to your first class.